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Nexo CS Informática is a company specialized in developing management software for the areas of Occupational Health and Safety. It has been operating in the market since 1996, serving companies from various sectors, such as: steel, food, chemical, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, paper and pulp, banking, government agencies, hospitals, and construction companies, among others.

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Nexo CS

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Indicators and Control Panels

A tool to support the management of Occupational Medicine, Occupational Safety, Ergonomics, and Social Security (eSocial), through ready-made indicators or those created by the user.

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Occupational Health

Complete computerized control of the company's occupational medicine and safety (SESMT).

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Safety and

Integrated and complete control of the areas of hygiene and safety at work.

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eSocial and Social Security Management

Integrated and dynamic control of the company in the area of Social Security, including the generation of files for eSocial (SST).

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Environmental Management and Quality

Manage the environmental sector with process certification and operational control. Modules.

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Ergonomic Management

Helps in the evaluation of workstations, definition of risk levels, and recommendation of actions to be taken in the company, with the issuance of an ergonomic report according to NR 17. Uses NIOSH and Moore & Garg tools.

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               Nexo                 Portal

Portal for access by your own employees or service providers of EHS Services.

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Available Plugins

Electronic Medical Record with ICP Brazil Digital Certification. Nexo Alerts - Email alerts according to configurations defined or customized by the company.

Nexo CS

Key Features of Our Software

Nexo EHS

SST & MA solution for complete management of Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, Environment, and Social Security Management areas.

Nexo eSocial for SESMT

SESMT management software to manage complete SST and meet all mandatory eSocial events.

Nexo GRO

With Nexo GRO, it is possible to manage actions in a computerized manner to prevent your company's risks according to the new NR1.

Nexo EPI

Solution to manage and automate the process of PPE delivery, with the possibility of PPE delivery through biometric signature. Integrated with Nexo Mobile for online and offline delivery.

Nexo FAP

With Nexo FAP, it is possible to reduce costs arising from the increase of FAP, and manage the absences certified by the Social Security (INSS) quickly, practically, and in a computerized way.

Nexo eSocial for SESMT and service providers

Solution for service providers to manage completely and meet all mandatory eSocial SST events of their clients.

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Our Cutting-Edge Technology

Web Access
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Internet/Intranet environment with decentralized access through the browser

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Oracle or SQLServer database

Client / Server
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Works on a multi-user network

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Oracle or SQLServer Database


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